Sunday, July 24, 2011



Easy Drawing tattoos is something of a popular hobby, as more and more artists realize that drawing these tattoos can make them money by selling the artwork as tattoo flash and they look good in a portfolio too. Often though many artists get stuck at the beginning for drawing new ideas and so they need a little push on finding the inspiration to create some good Easy Drawing tattoos Art

Here are three simple ways that will help you draw some tattoo designs:Looking around - By looking at other existing tattoos in tattoo shops, inked already on people, you will gain a good understanding and lots of inspiration and the more you look into the many different drawing styles of tattoos you'll build up a great knowledge in the use of color too to help your tattoos stand out, also seeing what other artists have done with existing body art, you can come up with a combination of ideas that you should sketch in a small sketch book.

Fast sketching - An age old favorite with many artists, there seems to be something in quick sketching that often creates many random ideas that look amazing and can be developed into some top sketches around your intended designs. Again a small writing pad can be useful for this process as new inspirations come and go daily, so it's best to mark them down.

Write small descriptions - By writing down little notes that describe what you want to draw, this can help to inspire a tattoo design and what's more you can do lots of these and build them up in a small notebook, as you can visit this many times for inspiration later on when you are stuck for new material, just think of these descriptions as small design briefs that you organize and create to motivate yourself.

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