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Drawing Tattoo Art for fun is great, but when you want to sell them there are a few tips and tricks you need to know on how to improve your chances of selling your own Drawing Tattoo Art, these are simple ideas to get you started and there are a few that get better results.

There are many different styles of tattoos, you yourself need to either specialize or learn to draw all styles of tattoo art, the latter is preferred as you can draw any type of tattoo on request and that is an acquired skill as a tattoo designer, so always keep an eye on the different ways a tattoo can be viewed as an art, rather than just a picture.

Visit all of your local tattooists for some professional thoughts on what sells and what most people want tattooed. You will find common themes and body art fashion trends that are specific to what people want and this is a good thing to ask about. Also inquire how they would want tattoo design sets to be drawn up, some have preferences for these and they want good quality flash sheets with original designs, not knock offs of other peoples work.

Always take a portfolio of work to your local tattooists as this would make your designs hopefully stick in their mind for you to come back at a later date with some more relevant tattoo flash sheets of work that they may have requested of you. Also, always try to have an online presence with a free blog or something that shows your work to the people who you want to buy, this way you could put your blog or websites address on all of your portfolio samples and they would have an extra option of viewing your work as well as your physical portfolio of samples.

Look on eBay, to see what the popular trends are for tattoo art that sells over there, look at the bids and all of the listings to see how they have structured their eBay listings as you need to analyze what is selling and what people are buying, so you can fine tune your tattoo designs to what people want, trial and error could work best if you are not sure and you have lots of work to sell, so look at how you can make your eBay offers better than some of the others on auction.

Tattoo art is one very popular art form and if you study existing tattoos, from magazines and other sources, you will get a better idea on what makes a great tattoo design and simplistic, stylish and colorful pieces of body art are the most highly sought after, if you can make them totally unique.

Wayne Tully an artist who draws lots of fantasy art and tattoo designs to sell for profit on a wide variety of sites, but also he likes to write many how to tutorials on drawing fantay art and create videos too to help people draw and be inspired.

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